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Cloudy's Panasonic FZ300 website

by Claudio Di Veroli

Sample Photos

I will post here my best photos, as well as a few collections of photos taken on special occasions. Since these are meant to exhibit the capability of the FZ300, I will refrain from posting pictures that have undergone heavy computer editing.


These photos were taken during Lucca's Luminara della Santa Croce held in 2016, as every year, on Sep. 13th. After the religious procession there is a long session of fireworks which one can see from the City Walls: I was standing in the crowd so I could not use the tripod: in fact for many pictures I had to stand in tiptoes! Luckily the FZ300 anti-shake system is very good. Most pictures were taken with 1:4.0, 1/30" and ISO400. Back home on the PC I did not need to apply noise-reduction, just some cropping and minimally improving the highlights-shadows balance.

For this feast the facades of Lucca's main town buildings are illuminated with many large candles. For these pictures I used the tripod. The moon was taken with 1:5.6, 1/200" and 1200mm (optical 600mm and 2x digital zoom).


Photos of a week's holiday with my wife in this beautiful area of West Tuscany and North Umbria.


The internal dome's mosaics, one of the great masterworks of medieval art. Flash, tripod and monopod are not allowed. As a gracious concession, I was allowed (a) to keep the tripod extended, (b) with its legs collapsed thus acting as a monopod, (c) using it only as a support for my hands holding the camera and (d) doing it all quickly! The movable LCD screen was invaluable for the task. I used ISO 400 and aperture 2.8 throughout. For some photos I was able to use comfortable shutter speeds around 1/80", but for others (such as the first 2 and the last 3 of this selection) I had to use speeds between 1/15" and 1/25". Back home in the computer I slightly increased the colour saturation and improved the darker areas caused by the uneven lighting.


Revisiting the Riviera Ligure after 37 years:

1. Three views of Rapallo.

The night pictures were taken with long exposure and tripod.

2. Three views of San Fruttuoso.

The 2 panoramic ones were obtained merging two pictures.
For the other one I used the Polarizing filter.

3. Three views of Portofino.

The last picture was taken from the Castello.


These photos were taken at the apex of the 2016 Supermoon.

About 20 pictures were taken, grouped in three different apertures, with speeds manually assigned to compensated as viewed in the screen:

f:4.0 with 1/640"         f:5.6 with 1/400"         f:8.0 with 1/200"