Playing a virginal Playing a French Baroque Taskin harpsichord Playing a two-manual English harpsichord Playing a baroque organ


by Claudio Di Veroli

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Comments by readers and scholars

Ever since 2010 the author has received many personal comments from readers, happy with the book's structure, coverage, presentation and cost. A selection follows:

“Bravo! This is a major undertaking!”

“.. I bought your e-book Playing the Baroque Harpsichord and am thorougly enjoying it. Clear, detailed writing and lots of good illustrations. I will recommend it ...! ”

“... You have done everything in such a logical manner and with such excellent method ... ”

“... I enjoyed your book a great deal. ... I have just had all my questions about inégalité and more answered. It is a relief to find a work based on scientific thinking, and very clearly written. A surprisingly easy read, despite the wealth of information!”

“I have read your e-Books and benefitted greatly from each one.”

“I strongly recommend Claudio's beautiful book.”

“If ever there was a book that delivers more than its title promises, this is it!”

“This is an impressive piece of work, and certainly belongs on the shelf (or in the computer) of everyone who plays an early keyboard instrument.” [this one was written by a leading harpsichord scholar].