Playing a virginal Playing a French Baroque Taskin harpsichord Playing a two-manual English harpsichord Playing a baroque organ


by Claudio Di Veroli

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How can I suggest either an update or an addition to the book, to be entered in the Errata and in future editions?

Please feel free to contact Bray Baroque by email at .

Can I get a copy from somebody who bought this book?

The only legal way to get a copy is to buy it from Giving or getting a copy otherwise is a criminal offence, as serious as stealing.

Where can I get more information about the author?

In his webpage.

Which other Bray Baroque book is recommended as companion to this one?

Certainly the one on harpsichord technique: Baroque Keyboard Fingering, 6th ed.

I bought the book from How do I download (or re-download) it?

In order to buy the book, you have previously registered with Lulu with your email and a password.

Please connect to the Internet, go to and login with your email and password.

OLD LULU INTERFASE: click on the “My Lulu” tab, then click on the “My Orders” tab. You will see there a Colum “Order #”: click on the order number. In the next screen, the first box reads “Need Help?”: select “Where can I download my order?” and click “Go”.

NEW LULU INTERFASE: Hover the mouse over your name on top of Lulu's webpage, and click “My Orders”. On the left menu, click “My Downloads”.

A new screen shows the book cover and, on the right hand side, the “Download” button: click on it.