Playing a virginal Playing a French Baroque Taskin harpsichord Playing a two-manual English harpsichord Playing a baroque organ


by Claudio Di Veroli

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Playing the Baroque Harpsichord, eBook

Playing the Baroque Harpsichord book

This is an integrated collection of updated and expanded essays, some of them endorsed by leading harpsichordists.

A complete history of the harpsichord is included, and a few further chapters are specific for the harpsichord. However, many other chapters apply to all the Baroque keyboard instruments, and some chapters are devoted to general Baroque music interpretation topics.

Thorough guidance is provided about ornamentation, articulation, tempi, registration, rhytmical alteration, French dances and further topics. These have been found to be useful to the modern performer of Baroque keyboard music, whether amateur, advanced student or professional player.

Several colour figures are included, as well as musical examples from well-known Baroque works.

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