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This site has been set up for my friends in PC Pilots Ireland, with no intention to reach a wider public, but just to share my efforts to improve the enjoyment of Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004.

Please note that we have no plans to include FSX in this site for the time being.

All the downloads featured here are freeware. I encourage visitors to write me with their valuable comments.

Claudio Di Veroli
(pron. Cloudy-oh Deave-Erroly or just "Cloudy"!)

Bray, Rep. Ireland, 2007.
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PS: Having migrated to from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, I have amended the Tips page with some specific new comments and tips

DISCLAIMER.    The downloads in this site contain files which modify original files distributed with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 and also addons by other software houses. By downloading these files, you indicate that you own a legal copy of Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 and of any addons specifically mentioned for some of the downloads . Any other use of my downloads is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law. All the modifications and add-ons in this site are my copyright, but they are freeware: they can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes provided due acknowledgement is made by quoting in full: my name, this site's web address and the first paragraph of this Disclaimer. Also, if you modify in any way my files, you have to keep them for your personal use. My written authorisation is needed to share modified files, to upload my original or modified files to any Internet site, or to use them for commercial purposes. Following the universal practice for games add-ons, and specifically for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 (referred to as FS2004 throughout this web site), neither Microsoft® nor other third parties should be held responsible for the use of material downloaded from this site or any consequences thereof. My files have been fully tested and I can assert — being myself a computer professional — that they can never cause any damage to the hardware or software of the user's PC. Nevertheless, and very especially since this is non-commercial site, no responsibility will be accepted for damages caused by the use of these files: legally speaking, you are using them at your own risk.
Claudio Di Veroli, Bray, June 2005.

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