about Cloudy

Name:               Claudio Di Veroli, a.k.a. “Cloudy”
Resident in:        Bray, Rep. Ireland and Lucca, Italy
Born in:            Buenos Aires, Argentina
Citizen of:         Italy
Education:          Italian School in Buenos Aires, Argentina
                    Fac. of Science, Univ. of Buenos Aires
                    PhD (Maths.), Imperial College, London
Main FS works:      First FS scenery of Argentina and Uruguay
                    (commercial product for FS4-FS5).
                    Aircraft & panels for FS4,FS5,FS98 & FS2004,
several published reviews of FS2004
                    aircraft and scenery in "PC FLIGHT",
                    Rep. Ireland, 2008-2014.
Main activities:    Formerly IT Technician and Manager (retired)
                    Harpsichordist and Musicologist.

Info last updated:   18-Jan-2023


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Holding Pattern Computer (1997) Laptop Dell D420 (2006) Levi's wristwatch (1995) Checklists booklet (2013) Jeppesen Enroute Chart  (1999) FS2004 Hotas guide (2013) Sporty's E-6B Computer (1993) Thrustmaster Hotas throttle (2004) Saitek dual quadrant (2013) Logitech G13 Gamepad (2013) Thrustmaster Hotas joystick (2004) Logitech MX Revolution mouse (2007) Mouse Autopilot guide (2013) flying the DHC-2 Beaver with  Cloudy's  panel Samsung Galaxy S III (2012) Logitech X-540: left front speaker (2011) Logitech X-540: center front speaker and control Logitech X-540: right front speaker (2011) Maxi-tower i7 PC (2012) Maxi-tower i7 case (2012) Computer Pilot magazine (2008) Citizen EcoDrive Titanium (2013) CH Pro Pedals (2003) CanoScan 4200F (2005) Philips SBC 3040 Microphone (1993) Powered 7-ports USB hub Kensington PilotMouse Bluetooth (2006) l PC Pilots Ireland stand in Blackpool (2005) Real-life aerobatics in the Bray Airshow (2013)
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