Cloudy in the IFSC, Blackpool, July 2005

__The Norbreck Hotel area: aerial view in FS2004+VFR

__The PC Pilots stand

__Richard Bassett and Terry McGee

__Cloudy, Richard, Peter Ferguson, Terry and Alwyn Boulby

__Claudio a.k.a. Cloudy with his new cap

__Custom Wings models

__Model of a DC-3

__Model of a Lancaster

__Model of a Curtiss 75 (or Texan variant)

__The Convention's A380 model

__GStep stand


__panels and pedals

__VATSIM stand

__outside the Hotel: Terry, Richard, Alwyn

__one of the famous Blackpool trams

__Norbreck Castle Hotel - tower



__Norbreck Hotel - children on the beach

__From the Hotel - North Wales - real and FS2004

__From the Hotel - Furness - real and FS2004

__From the Hotel - Hilpsford point - real and FS2004




__Hotel beach - sunset


__Airport - Red Arrows


__Airport - Helicopter


__Airport - Shorts 330



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