Reviews of Add-Ons for FS2004 by Cloudy

Cloudy's reviews were either published as simple text in the initial version of this webpage, or (mostly) as articles in the PC FLIGHT Magazine (Ireland). Many years having elapsed, the general reader can now access here my reviews as PDF files, with the additional benefit of a better presentation, with more detailed formatting and pictures in higher resolution. These texts have been further thoroughly updated to March 2017 in a very important aspect, availability:

  • Hyperlinks and download names have been updated when they have changed.
  • Hyperlinks no longer working and files no longer downloadable from and and generally
    "Not Available Anymore" now bear in the article the marking (N/A).
  • Filenames have been preserved, in case the reader has (or can find somewhere) a copy of the file referred to.
  • In the list below, clicking on the review name allows you to read the PDF in an "Acrobat Window" in your web browser. For more reading options, right-click instead, click "Save As", save the file to you PC, then open it with your Acrobat Reader (or any other PDF reader you use in your PC or other device).

In the list below the review name is followed by an abbreviation showing when was the review initially published:

  • ITP     Initial version of this webpage
  • PCF     PC FLIGHT, Official magazine of “PC Pilots Ireland”
  • UNP     Left unpublished until now

finally you see the year and (when available) the month of publication


Short Flying Boats. PCF, 2005-12

Cessna 182RGII by Carenado. PCF, 2006-06

Amelia Earhart – 70th Anniversary of the World Flight. PCF, 2007-12

Piper Cub - Default vs Freeware Add-Ons. PCF, 2011-06

DHC-2 Beaver X by Aerosoft. PCF, 2013-09


France Mont St. Michel and Saint Malo. 2005-06

Hawaii freeware sceneries. ITP, 2006

FS Global X 2008 vs FS Global 2005. ITP, 2008

Cessna C152 II by Carenado. PCF, 2009-06

Optimal Irish Scenery. UNP, 2012-06

Dublin 2009 by Eiresim - Install Tips. PCF, 2012-09

Mega Airport Rome by Aerosoft. PCF, 2013-09


Installing Twin-Engine Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant. PCF, 2013-06

Logitech G13 and Saitek Twin Quadrants. PCF, 2014-03

Aircraft Search Utility. PCF, 2014-09



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