Unequal temperament tuning directions Comparison of historical temperaments antique harpsichord with tuning forks



by Claudio Di Veroli

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Comments by readers and scholars

Ever since 2009 the author has received many personal comments from readers, happy with the book's structure, coverage, presentation and cost.

One of the leading specialists in keyboard tuning and temperament in the U.S.A., Fred Sturm from the University of New Mexico, has recommended the book's 3rd edition in the online forum of the Piano Technicians Guild (July 2013), stating that: “It is the most comprehensive and reliable source for information about temperament history available today”.

The world-leading temperament scholar Prof. Patrizio Barbieri, author of many important works including the recent treatise on Enharmonic Instruments and music, has recently written to the author—with permission to publish—that Unequal Temperaments in its 3rd edition is most likely to be the best treatise in the field.