Unequal temperament tuning directions Comparison of historical temperaments antique harpsichord with tuning forks



by Claudio Di Veroli

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The 3rd and 4th Revised Editions

Throughout the years after the 2009 Edition, the Unequal Temperaments eBook underwent a full revision for completeness and consistency. In the process we identified a few topics that deserved clarification, enlargement and even individual research projects, resulting in the 3rd edition of May 2013. Further updates—and also minor additions—have been incorporated in the present 4th edition of August 2017. In these editions many figures and charts have been improved, and new ones have been added.

3rd Revised Edition (2013)

Please find below a list of topics with significant additions and enhancements:

There have been many minor additions and improvements. Let us just mention:

4th Revised Edition (2017)

In this edition the book contains the following new sections:

There are many minor additions and improvements, for example in the following topics: