Playing the Fenton House Broadwood Playing the Paris Ruckers-Taskin Playing the Baroque organ in Buenos Aires Cathedral Playing the Hubbard-Di Veroli harpsichord in Ireland Playing the Russell Collection's Goermans in Edinburgh

Claudio Di Veroli

harpsichord & organ

Live recorded samples

This selection shows diverse technical and stylistical aspects of performance. The samples are about 20 sec. each. They have been extracted from live recordings in recitals by Claudio Di Veroli in the 80's and 90's, recently transferred to digital media.

The pieces were played on the Hubbard-Di Veroli harpsichord, once considered the best such instrument in South America and still admired today in public recitals in Europe. It is a Taskin replica with a chromatic compass FF-g'" and the classical French two-manual disposition: 8' and 4' on the lower manual, 8' on the upper manual, manual coupler and a buff/harp stop acting on either 8'.

At the time the harpsichord was tuned to A=441 Hz because it was more often than not used with modern instruments. The instrument was later set to A=415 Hz, which improved the sound quality even further.

The files below are in Windows Media file format (.WMA). To hear them you need to have installed either Windows Media Player 7+, an MP3 player or a similar freeware utility.

Author Work - click to download Temperament Registration
Buxtehude Suite Nº 1 in C - Gigue 1/5 S.c. Meantone 8' + 8'
François Couperin Ordre 5 – Les Ondes Almost-Equal lower 8'
Rameau La Poule Vallotti 8' + 4' , then upper 8'
Rameau Menuets in G Vallotti 4'
Rameau L'Agaçante Vallotti 8'+8'+4' altern. with upper 8'
Handel Aria with Variations in Bb Vallotti 8' + 4'
J.S. Bach Fugue for Organ or Violin or Lute Vallotti lower 8' with harp
J.S. Bach / A. Marcello Concerto in d - I. Allegro Vallotti 8' + 4' altern. with upper 8'
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K. 159 - Allegro in C Vallotti 8' + 8'
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K. 391 - Minuet in G Vallotti 8' + 8' , echo on upper 8'
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K. 12 - Presto in g minor Vallotti 8' + 8'
Louis Couperin Chaconne in g minor Vallotti 8'+8'+4' altern. with upper 8'
Louis Couperin Branle de Basque 1/4 S.c. Meantone upper 8', repeat 4'
D'Anglebert Sarabande Grave in d minor 1/4 S.c. Meantone 8' + 4'
François Couperin Ordre 18 - Le Tic-Toc-Choc ordinaire-Rousseau left h. 4', right h. upper 8'
Rameau Musette en Rondeau ordinaire-Rousseau l.h. upper 8', r.h. 4' then upper 8'
Duphly La d'Héricourt ordinaire-Rousseau 8' + 8'
Duphly La De Caze ordinaire-Rousseau 8' + 8' + 4'