Handel in his prime Handel portrait with a harpsichord The author at the Taskin Baroque harpsichord in Paris Conservatoire Playing Handel with baroque fingerings in 2010



by Claudio Di Veroli

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G. F. Handel's Eight Great Harpsichord Suites

with Baroque Fingerings and a Performance Guide

celebrating the 300th anniversary of the first edition

2nd. revised edition

Three centuries have elapsed since Handel produced his epoch-making publication in November 1720. This is the first published score where these masterpieces are fully fingered according to the Baroque technique in use in the composer's milieu. For reference please see the book Baroque Keyboard Fingerings: A Method .

A 60-page introductory essay covers everything the harpsichordist needs to know about the editorial method for this score, the evolution of Baroque fingering, instruments and tuning, suggestions for interpretation (ornaments, inégales, hemiolas, rubato, articulation, tempi, registration) and the correction of errors in both sources and modern editions. In this 2nd. edition this text has been fully revised and improved.

Over the score—in the usual black—a colour coding allows to identify the editor's complete fingerings, as well as editorial corrections. The eBook is sold by Payhip at €8.40 or its equivalent in other currencies.

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