Bray Baroque books and articles


Playing the Baroque Harpsichord - 4th ed., 2022

Playing the Baroque HarpsichordA full coverage of Baroque interpretation for the harpsichord and also the clavichord and organ. It includes essays endorsed by leading performers, with thorough guidance about authentic performance, ornamentation, articulation, tempi, registration, rhytmical alteration and further topics. This book includes a complete history of the harpsichord.

Baroque Keyboard Fingering: a Method - 8th ed., 2020

Baroque Keyboard Fingering: a MethodThe most comprehensive work in the field, with a full reconstruction of the mid-to-late Baroque fingering system. An earlier edition was endorsed by the late Igor Kipnis. Scales and other passages are resolved with 54 fingering Rules, based on original fingerings from the Baroque era.

J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book I with Baroque Fingerings and a
                Performance Guide - 2022

Bach Keyboard French Suites FingeredFirst published score fully fingered with the technique in use in the composer's milieu.
A 58-page introduction covers the editorial method, temperaments, information about the fingering, suggestions for interpretation, and the correction of errors in both sources and editions.

Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History and Practice - 5th. ed., 2021

Unequal Temperaments510 pages and 367 figures with the latest findings in the field. PART ONE provides the acoustical background, covers each one of the main temperaments and ends with a full HISTORICAL SURVEY. PART TWO consists of directions for the practice of the diverse unequal temperaments in keyboard, string and wind instruments. PART THREE covers multiple divisions and the analysis of historical sources.